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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Refer to Bob the Builder

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"Gan, Jennifer"
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Mar 2
Morning May

Just to get back to you the feedback from every body.

All agreed that you are a great one because they thought this cake is as usual ordered from cake shop but when I said is actually homemade and all surprise that you can bake such a nice one and should said better than a cake shop.

Here are the points and comments just for you:-

¨ You are really a good artist that can draw a nice builder.
¨ Creative of the wording you put simple yet get to the point.
¨ Color combination is very good.
¨ Have some shining gold dust that make the whole thing stand out because it is really shine ya under the light.
¨ The cake is soft and the butter cream is creamy with some bit of salty taste (I really like this because not all people will know to add some salt on it).
¨ The layer of cream with some chewy strawberry is also a very good one. (In fact, I wanted to call you initially to ask you to make the strawberry in this way but you actually can read my mind huh, hahahaha).

So as usual, all guests asked for your contact and I have given them.

I will call you very soon to try your other cakes.

Talk to you soon and take care.

PS: Do you think you can provide me a cake lists and with price on it when you are free?


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