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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the beginning

the cakes are made by me from the beginning to the end (I prepared my own sponge cake and decorate them) and my maid Mariana will do the cleaning, smashing the banana and etc.....very helpful!!!!. If you have any ideas, suggestions or recipes to share, please feel free to drop a line.


Joey said...

Hey aunty May, I've tried the Durian Cake, smells so good and its aroma is heavenly with lots of durian flesh inside ^^. All my colleagues said it's SUPERB !!

Deanna said...

hello friend,
this is deanna writing all the way from abu dhabi and how i wish there is a cute and cosy cafe in abu dhabi...with all yr petit cakes and antique tea sets. post more of yr cake in yr antique cups and plates and all that...sure to entice more order,..hope people wont be asking for the teasets instead of cakes...hehe all the best my friend in yr new adventure..sayang i so far

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